International Life Insurance

Investing in life insurance is one of the most critical decisions to protect your property and, at the same time, ensure your family’s peace of mind. In our portfolio, you will find customizable solutions for each client, one type of insurance for each need.

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Why should I make an international life insurance plan?

With the international life insurance plan, the insured value is completely and instantly transferred to your beneficiaries with no tax collection. And from the second year on, claims are indisputable – the beneficiaries receive the compensation regardless of the nature of the claim, no questions asked*. They can make use of resources yielded from your investments without the need to liquidate, totally or partially, the property that you took a lifetime to acquire.

Main advantages for you

Tax free
Investment in dollars
Immediate compensation, no questions asked*
Fixed costs established upon hiring

Get in touch with us! Our consultants will be glad to help you find the best service package at the best cost for your specific needs.

Starting from the second year of coverage.